Creative Business Intelligence

Creative Business Intelligence: An Essential For Business Success

Creative Intelligence is the ability to go beyond what already exists to create original and interesting ideas. It can be applied to problem solving, marketing ideas, artistic work, and anything that can benefit from the uniqueness of an individual’s thoughts and personal references. People who use their creative intelligence combined with their analytical and practical intelligence can add immense creative value to one’s organization.
The successful management of a business, regardless of its size and nature of operations, is not an easy accomplishment. It requires effort, patience, knowledge, and skills, among others. With this, one of the most important would be Creative Intelligence. While such has remained to be undervalued in the past years, it cannot be denied that it can be highly instrumental to fuel success and growth of any organization. Simply put, Creative Intelligence is “taking original ideas and scaling them into the creation of new products and services and strategies to reach and influence your target audience”. It is asserted to be the true source of economic activity, and hence, one of the many factors that will have an impact on the profitability of a business.

Why It Is Important?

Among other things, Creative Intelligence is important because it will be a way for a company to gain a competitive edge against other players in the industry. With creativity, it is possible to be different from everyone else. While they are trying to compete head to head with each other, with the right creative capital for your business, it is possible to create your own niche. Rather than competing, creativity can help you create your own market and enjoy profitable performance.

With Creative Intelligence, a business will also be able to discover unlimited potentials. It can open up doors for endless opportunities that can be pursued for growth and innovation. This is the best way to come up with new ideas and breakthroughs. Whether your business is a startup or one that has already been well established in the marketplace, Creative Intelligence will be important in coming up with something new, something that can captivate the attention of your target market.

We are living in a creative age. We are in a time where what worked in the past may not work in the future and past strategies will not suffice in driving success. With this, there is the need for Creative Intelligence; we must constantly be evolving our business tactics.
Creative intelligence is associated with the right side of the brain, which controls creativity, intuition, social skills, and visual ability. Neuroscientists have demonstrated that creative thinkers are more effective thinkers. Creative Intelligence is showing up on more CEO lists as one of the top skills companies seek in their management recruits. In the business world, it may be termed in different ways, innovative thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, lateral thinking, divergent thinking, or innovation. Companies that are industry leaders are in hot pursuit of Creative Intelligence to sustain and grow their share of mind in consumers.

The creativity fostered in our childhoods is often suppressed by the time we are adults. Analytical thinking is easy to test through objective measures. Measurements of creativity are more subjective, and thus we are rewarded less often for creative thinking. Our creative ideas are more likely to be rejected. The most successful companies know how to build a creative culture.
Encourage creativity and crowd-sourcing; generating and pulling ideas from your team and co-workers. You do not want an office full of combatants, but you do want to encourage your employees to think for themselves and question traditions and the norm. If everyone thinks the same (group-think), no breakthroughs are likely to happen. You want divergent thinking; not convergent thinking.

How Can We Increase Our Creative Intelligence?

A good first step is to stop and reflect on what you are good at. Most of us are not aware of our own capabilities and even when we are, we don’t see how to connect the skills from one area to another. For instance, you might be great at reading body language, or organizing events; by framing these skills differently, you can utilize them in countless creative ways.

Another way to become more aware of your creative potential is to start keeping a log. It might begin as a journal containing your ideas, notes, sketches, and work. Over time, it will show the many ‘dots’ you’ve collected over time, and this will encourage you to think about connecting some of them.

Most of us have problems balancing logic with intuition. However, the truth is that those virtues aren’t opposed to one another. In fact, you need to figure out how to get them working together if you’re to become a true creative leader. Intellect without intuition makes for a smart person without impact. Intuition without intellect makes a spontaneous person without direction.

How Creative Business Intelligence (CBI) Can Help?

With Creative Business Intelligence, your company can enjoy a wide array of company ideas and solutions that can be promising in terms of being able to fuel success. CBI has an idea generating taskforce, and they utilize relationship marketing along with offline and online marketing plans to create the best strategies that your company will need. They have specialized expertise, business-driven solutions, tailor-fitted services, and a collaborative approach. Get in touch with Creative Business Intelligence today and take advantage of creative exposure strategies to help your business grow.


Graduate of a (B.A.) Psychology program with an emphasis on Management and a Minor in Communications with over 5 years of Marketing experience. I believe Psychology and a Marketing background gives me a unique skill set which helps me understand human behavior and how to influence people to take a specific action.