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Evolution Hypnotherapy Services Website was designed for Nancy Jaafar who holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with more than ten (10) years of experience helping clients of all ages resolve various issues. Her training in hypnotherapy has afforded her the opportunity to incorporate therapy on both the subconscious and conscious levels. This has resulted in incredible and unprecedented successes for her clients at significantly quicker rates than that of traditional therapy alone.

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy may not be a mainstream approach to treating issues, but it is one of the safest, most noninvasive and effective approaches. Growing up we are bombarded with information that comes at us when we are not developed enough to interpret it accurately. Unfortunately, some of those misinterpretations lead to false beliefs about ourselves. Those false beliefs get embedded into our subconscious minds and lay the groundwork for our personalities. We grow up believing things such as “I am an anxious person,” “I have a bad temper, ” “I am not smart enough,” and “I will always be fat”. Hypnotherapy is an amazing intervention that can literally access the subconscious to re-frame limiting beliefs and replace them with information that is resourceful and can transform lives. The effects of hypnotherapy are profound and incredible and achieved through a process that is both tranquil and beautiful. Every single human being can experience a better quality of life through hypnotherapy. Open your mind and unleash its power.

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Fully responsive and search engine optimized web design. Powered by WordPress. Full header background video for a stunning visual effect. Site uses HTML5 and CSS3 Coding for a Parallax effect

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Date: Jan 15 2016
Client: Nancy Jaafar | Evolution Hypnotherapy Services